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Amrit Bhachu

Head Chef ¦ Lead Facilitator for Blue Marble Training

  020 7033 8550

Amrit  Bhachu

Amrit is the Lead Facilitator for the Trust’s Blue Marble Training programme and the Head Chef at Shoreditch Trust’s social enterprise training restaurant, Waterhouse.

Amrit leads the kitchen and has over 13 years’ experience in the industry. He is a trained assessor and verifier and supports the strategic development of the training programme, working with Trust staff to develop and implement a training model as well as facilitating a range of training courses across the Trust’s food skills programmes.

The kitchen is not the only thing Amrit is passionate about, he also loves to play football and travel.

Based at Head Office, Orsman Road/Waterhouse Restaurant

Amrit is involved in:

Blue Marble Training Waterhouse Cookery School Waterhouse Restaurant