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Caragh Stewart

Organisational Development Manager

Caragh  Stewart

Caragh's role is a mixture of diverse responsibilities that aid the organisation as a whole.

Caragh is interested in creating and implementing systems and procedures to enable the smooth running of the Executive Office and also project teams. She has a particular specialism in designing databases to assist project teams with recording and understanding their work. Working across Shoreditch Trust, Caragh is involved with all the teams and has gained an insight into the work they do.

In the course of her working life Caragh has been involved in the charity sector and in commercial business; she has worked in project management, is a trained conservator of sculpture and buildings and has a strong interest in art, design and creativity.

Shoreditch Trust has offered Caragh a new insight into our society and given her respect for the work her colleagues undertake in the community.

Tel.: 020 7033 8523
Based at Head Office, Orsman Road