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Katie Edmondson

Food for Life Project Manager

Katie  Edmondson

Katie leads the Food for Life team and is responsible for developing partnerships and devising and delivering healthy eating activities in the community. She has extensive experience of working with residents, schools and community groups in Hackney and her enthusiasm knows no bounds.

She has contributed to the Shoreditch Trust since 2010 and, as a trained Nutritional Therapist, brings with her a wealth of technical knowledge of nutrition, cooking and healthy messaging.

Katie loves to experiment in the kitchen, creating inspirational fridge feasts at lunch time in the office.

Katie is on Maternity Leave as of February 2019. Enquiries about Food for Life can be passed to Olivia Woodward during this time. 

Tel.: 020 7033 8505
Based at Head Office, Orsman Road

Katie is involved in:

Food for Life Waterhouse Cookery School