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Femi Ade-Davis

Blue Marble Training Project Manager

Femi Ade-Davis

Femi is the project manager for Shoreditch Trust’s Blue Marble Training programme, which is housed at the Trust’s social enterprise training restaurant, Waterhouse.

Femi is responsible for the day-to-day and strategic management of Blue Marble, working closely with the head chef to devise training and developmental programmes and work plans that engage young people with multiple barriers and set them on a ladder into employment.

Femi has over 7 years’ experience within the charitable sector, and prior to Shoreditch Trust, worked as an employment broker for the long-time unemployed at Talent At-Work, before taking on a number of community regeneration project management roles at Newlon Fusion and then Newlon Housing Trust.

A film and creative writing graduate, Femi is a film enthusiast and freelance filmmaker. He has a range of other interests including travelling, football and comic books.

Tel.: 020 7033 8539
Based at Head Office, Orsman Road

Femi is involved in:

Blue Marble Training