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Francesca Giustetti

Health and Wellbeing Coach

Francesca Giustetti

Francesca is a Health and Wellbeing coach for Springfield Park Primary Care Network.

Francesca’s background is in Psychology, which she is continuing with a master’s degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Her main interest is in Holistic Health, including the connection between body and mind, which she has explored through various training both in the UK and abroad. She is a certified Meditation Teacher and Health Advisor.

Previously, Francesca volunteered as Occupational Therapist at Newham Centre for Mental Health facilitating activities for in-patients. Subsequently, she worked as an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate for Victim Support, where she was providing practical and emotional support to the victim of domestic violence.

Francesca has vast experience working with multicultural clients offering a person-centred approach that includes empathy, warmth, and unconditional positive regard.

Work areas: Springfield Park

Francesca is involved in:

Health and Wellbeing Coaching