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“Blue Marble training has been instrumental in engaging some of our most hard to reach young people. Their approach is centred around the circumstances and immediate needs of the individual, whist being inclusive and non-judgemental. There have been many positive outcomes for a number of our young people and a number have progressed to full time employment.”

- Nick Corker, Deputy Head for the Virtual School for LAC, Hackney Learning Trust

“I am so impressed with Blue Marble training due to the professionalism of the staff and their ability to engage vulnerable young people with complicated issues. My young person has turned a corner and I have never seen her so enthusiastic!”

- Karin Lock, Connexions worker, Camden

“After taking part in Blue Marble Training I gained the confidence to be able cook and now I even have a career teaching others how to. Knowing that I could develop all of these skills through team work and routine was amazing for me. It's important to let young people learn for themselves what work is like in the professional world. While I was there I can think of so many highlights because the course gives everyone a chance to shine equally. That means a lot to me especially because I was one of the only girls on the programme at the time. If I had to pick a moment that will stay with me forever it would have to be meeting Michel Roux, it was a once in a lifetime experience.”

- Leanne, 19, Manager of Margins Cafe, Union Chapel