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Helping Mums Change Hackney

As well as helping women exercise choice and control in their antenatal care, labour and post-natal care, we work to help women change and shape local services.

“The work undertaken by Bump Buddies is considered by the RCM to be important, of great value to women and the buddies themselves and a cost effective way of adding value to universal maternity services.” Cathy Warwick – Chief Executive, Royal College of Midwifery

Bump Buddies helps women to share their experiences to influence policy and commissioning through: initiatives such as 

Mums at Work Bump Buddies founded the Mums at Work Steering Group to gather the voices of mothers and mothers-to-be who were seeking financially viable and sustainable employment.

Focus groups - The Project supports organisations who would like to gather the views of pregnant women in Hackney for service or policy development.

Boards and committees - Bump Buddies staff and volunteers sit on Children’s Centre Parent Forums and Hackney Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC).

Supporting research 'Community REACH' - Bump Buddies supported Barts Health NHS Trust and the University of East London in a five-year project to research antenatal care through the Community REACH Programme in Dalston ward. The project looked at the experiences of women living in areas with high levels of poverty and ethnic diversity. 

Supporting research 'Hearing Hearts' - Bump Buddies partnered with researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London to explore how different relaxation methods might help mums and bumps during pregnancy.