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Read about our clients' journeys below.

“Thank you for all your support and kind words, you've been fantastic with and for me throughout this whole journey and I appreciate your positivity so much. You and your organisation have made such a difference to my mental and emotional well being, I just hope others are able to benefit and grow the way I am.” - Client, 2017


“I feel more supported and this has given me confidence to move forward, and make positive changes in my life. I feel amazing, able to do more things, wanting to go out and socialise more, more motivated to do new things/challenges and more self love is coming back, and it enables me to realise my potential and set goals to achieve my life style changes.” - Client, 2017


“I feel so much better, happier and more confident. I would definitely recommend this service to help others.” - Client, 2017

“Seeing Teresa has literally put a spring in my step and I now understand much more about how some of the foods I ate affect my body.” - Client, 2017
Claire* wanted some support around eating more healthily and preventing weight gain. She was already aware of healthy options but hadn’t been able to implement them regularly. She was also keen to understand more about why certain foods were better for her and how choices affect the body. Claire was already exercising regularly, and after changing her diet to include a more sustainable lunch and reduced portion sizes, Claire lost 2kg which she has been able to keep off.

*Name has been changed