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Peace of Mind

Shoreditch Trust's Peace of Mind programme delivers one-to-one support and small group sessions to promote emotional wellbeing and recovery.

We partner with individuals and their families to help them re-discover hope, build skills, and move forward, wherever they sit on the spectrum, from experiencing a period of stress, to having long-term mental health diagnosis and a history of hospital admissions.

We take an anti-stigma approach, normalising mental health and providing opportunities, such as training, education and volunteering. We build trusting relationships through thoughtful, attentive, therapeutic approaches, and provide a safe and inspiring community space where people build new friendships and become stronger.

Our clients often come to us with many and complex problems, and we are able to help them develop better resources, rely less on statutory health services, have greater quality of life and more meaningful relationships with family and friends. Some are able to start new careers or take up previous ones. Others feel more capable of dealing with everyday life, using public transport, socialising, and becoming more confident to enjoy the city they live in. We are passionate about enabling people to uncover their forgotten talents and develop new ones.

Please note: The Reading Group is held at the Healthy Living Centre on Mondays at 12.30pm.

The Peace of Mind team offers a range of workshops and courses for personal development, with a focus on improving wellbeing and developing skills.
Courses are offered at affordable rates for local residents or can be accessed free of charge through the City & Hackney Wellbeing Network.

Peace of Mind offers three types of sessions:

1) Peer-Led Groups
Peer-Led Groups bring members of the local community together to talk, share experiences, learn something new, or simply find some company and support when it is needed.

• Walk and Talk
Walk and Talk sessions bring people together for gentle exercise in the open air. The group shares knowledge of the area, cultural histories and experiences. Techniques of mindfulness, including noticing surroundings, smells, sounds, colours, touch and experience, bring attention to the present.

• Friendship Group
The Friendship Group meets up every week to enjoy each other’s company, do activities together, get away from daily routines and stresses, and find support. There are opportunities to meet new people, be a bit adventurous, do things you wouldn’t normally do, and see places you haven’t seen. 

• Create It Yourself
A space where you are gently encouraged to tap into your inner creativity by learning to sew together some simple items. Once you have developed basic skills, you will be encouraged to create something more ambitious.

2) Workshops and Short Courses
2-hour Short Courses and Workshops explore personal stress levels, strengthen our coping strategies and offer practical self-help tools to improve wellbeing.

• Building Resilience through stress-management skills 
In this workshop you will increase your understanding of stress and explore strategies for coping with it. We will look at the effects of stress on our physical health, our emotions and behaviours and how it is linked to our mental wellbeing. We will look at individual stress levels and what current coping strategies are or could be put in place.

• Finding Calm through practical relaxation techniques 
In this workshop we will explore self-help techniques which will help promote relaxation. In a calm and therapeutic approach you will get to practice a number of techniques such as mindful hand massage; 3 2 4 breathing; visualisation; progressive muscle relaxation; and peer-back massage.

• Discovering strength through mindfulness and a Tree of Life taster 
Discover ways to manage stress and build resilience based on Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy approaches. Share special knowledge about your life; acknowledging your story, skills and abilities using the Tree of Life. 

3) Courses as part of the City and Hackney Wellbeing Network
You can read more about the courses on offer through the Network here.

Meet the team
Louise Tyler
Louise Tyler
Wellbeing Practitioner
Paul Adair
Paul Adair
Peace of Mind Project Coordinator
Stephanie  Monteilh
Stephanie Monteilh
Peace of Mind Project Manager
Join Our Community

Interested in Peace of Mind short courses and workshops?
Contact Stephanie Monteilh:  
020 7033 8504.

Want to make a referral to the Peace of Mind team as part of the City and Hackney Wellbeing Network?
020 7033 8504.

Interested in volunteering with the Peace of Mind programme?
Contact Stephanie Monteilh:  
020 7033 8504 to discuss possible opportunities.