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Fundraise for us

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Shoreditch Trust. We are very grateful that you have chosen to raise funds to contribute to our work and would like to support you as much as possible.

Below you can find our 9-step checklist for putting on your fundraiser, with some top tips for along the way!
You can also read our Terms and Conditions, which you must agree to before fundraising for us. They outline some pointers to bear in mind, but it is important that you fully research and comply with any regulations and requirements for your event.  
Armed with this information, you will be ready to register your event with us! Information on how to do this can also be found below.

1. Choose an enjoyable event or activity – have some fun with your FUNdraiser! Why not choose something from our list of fundraising ideas below?
Quick & Easy
These events should require limited time and money to set up, leading to quick, easy wins!
Cake sale
Have fun creating masterpieces in the kitchen then sell your baked goods to friends, family, colleagues or at school!
Car boot sale
Send your unwanted items packing with a car boot sale and raise money and awareness for Shoreditch Trust in the process!
Car wash
Have buckets of fun while raising money and providing a welcome service to local car owners!
Coffee/brunch morning
Invite your friends around for refreshments and ask them to contribute what they would have paid if they had gone out. A great excuse for a get-together!
Get your friends/local community together for a quiz – follow a traditional format or take inspiration from TV quizzes and gameshows to give your event an edge!
Hold a raffle using prizes donated by people you know or by local businesses.
Don’t forget to check out the legalities of holding your raffle - raffles that begin and end on the day of your event do not require a licence; if you are pre-promoting a raffle as part of a society you can apply for a licence from your local authority. Remember: there are restrictions regarding the sale and issue of tickets and the prizes on offer for BOTH types of raffle, so please check regulations before you begin.

All Together Now
These events all have a community focus, bringing people together. They will require careful planning.
Auction of Promises
Ask people to pledge goods or a service within their expertise – for example cooking a three course meal for 4; baking a Christmas cake; valeting a car; offering a holiday property for a few days; and hold an auction for people to bid at. You can sell tickets to the event too!
Community Feast
Bring the community together for a huge feast, and ask everyone to contribute to the catering. You can sell tickets to the event or get people to pay on the door.
Safari Supper
If a group of you are interested in holding an event, why not host a safari supper? Each ‘host’ house will cook a starter, main course and dessert, with guests moving between houses for each course – keeping the conversation fresh and the excitement high! Be sure to plan this one carefully so you know who should be where, when, and how they will get there.
What do you and your friends enjoy doing? Why not get sponsored to do just that? Set a time limit or an end goal and see how far you can get!

Challenge Me!
These events may take more planning and have higher set up costs. Make sure you feel confident and have plenty of support before embarking on a challenge!
Ball/charity dinner
Here’s your chance to have a glitzy party and all for a great cause! Think about hiring a hotel function room and hosting a dinner, with entertainment such as games, auctions and a band.
Concert with local artists
Give local up-and-coming artists a chance for an audience and provide an evening of entertainment for your guests. Some bands may play for free to gain exposure – just make sure you take a listen before booking them!
Always wanted to run a distance race? Climb a mountain? Skydive? Put yourself to the challenge and gain sponsorship for your experience. Remember to follow training and safety procedures for all challenge events.
World record attempt
Ever found yourself asking ‘how hard can it be?’ when it comes to World Records? Now is your chance to find out! Browse the catalogue of weird and wonderful feats and choose a record to take on.
Make sure you follow instructions on how to register your attempt, and practice first! Follow all safety advice and training that is relevant to your challenge.

Can’t find the event for you? Google ‘A to Z of fundraising ideas’ for more inspiration!

2. Pick a date – make sure your event doesn’t clash with any other events in the area or important dates!

3. Create a budget – you must decide how much you are willing to spend to put the event on, and set a fundraising target that will still leave a substantial profit. Remember: if you are taking expenses out of the total you must agree it with Shoreditch Trust first, and make supporters aware of this before they donate/sponsor.

4. Pick a venue – make sure your venue is suitable for your event and does not pose any health and safety risks. To organise an event in a public place, gain permission from the local authority and notify the police. To organise an event in a privately owned venue, gain permission from the manager and make arrangements with them.

5. Make a plan – don’t over-complicate your event. Keep it simple and achievable, and have a clear plan for what needs to be done when. Check it off each step of the way to record your progress.
If applicable, selling tickets in advance of your event is a great way to gain a rough idea of numbers, and make sure people who express an interest will actually turn up on the day.

6. Let us know – tell us about your event so we can support you and help raise awareness of the great things you are doing! We can also provide you with tips and resources. Use the 'Register your event with us' tab below. 

7. Publicise your fundraiser - See our top tips below on how to get the word out about your event!
Social media
There are so many social media platforms available, and each one you use can connect you to a wide audience of new people. Social media is a great resource for gaining publicity and support for your fundraiser. See our top 5 tips for using social media below to get the most out of your networks:

• Keep it personal – keep your content informal and personalised so your followers feel like they are connecting with you and with your story.

• Mix it up – each time you post about your event, try to use something different – some new information, a different picture, video or website link. Variety will mean that people notice each post and don’t just skim over it.

• Show us your journey – your fundraiser is personal to you, so show how it is developing. Are you training for a challenge? Or preparing and setting up for an event? Give regular updates on your progress and remember to keep it interesting – photos or a blog are exciting ways to track your journey. (Remember: short and sweet is best if you want to keep people engaged!)

• Extend your reach – utilise tools available to tap into other networks of followers – share posts and encourage your friends and family to do so; tag relevant organisations (including Shoreditch Trust!) in your posts to reach their followers and increase chances of them sharing your content; # key words for example #marathon to join global conversations and reach more people; create a public event or group that people can join to stay updated on your journey.

• Keep the conversation going – reply to comments and thank people for their support. Ask your followers for tips to involve them in the activity.

Put up posters in local shops and businesses and flyer - recruit your friends and family to hand out posters flyers with information about your event.
Please note that if you are creating publicity materials, you must contact us for approval of use for our logo and name, and must include our charity number (1086812) and state that you are raising funds ‘in aid of Shoreditch Trust’. If you are planning to use images from the internet, please remember that all images are usually copyrighted and you require permission or must pay a fee to the image owner if you wish to use the image.

Use free ‘What’s on’ events listings – online and in the local paper. Sometimes they are linked, so if you input your event online, it will also appear in the printed publication.

Word of mouth – tell whoever you can and spread the word about your event!

Contact local papers and radio stations - Write a press release to outline your story, event and your connection with Shoreditch Trust. Remember to include the who, what, when, where, why and how of your event. Keep it succinct but make sure you include all the relevant details, and contact information of the event organiser.
Copy and paste the following information at the bottom of your press release:
Shoreditch Trust is a registered charity that works with local residents to help to improve their health, wellbeing, social networks and opportunities. Many of their clients are facing additional challenges when they begin their journey, and their extensive range of programmes provides the support they need to make positive changes in their lives. Discover more of their services online at Shoreditch Trust, 12 Orsman Road, London N1 5QJ. Tel. 020 7033 8500.

Remember: if you are emailing your press release out, include it in the body of the email, do not send it as an attachment. Follow it up with a phone call to make sure it has been received and give them the opportunity to find out more by talking to you.

8. Say Thank You – be sure to thank everyone who was involved in making your fundraiser a success – donors/sponsors/volunteers/attendees etc. and let them know how much you have raised. You could even have a follow up event where you announce the total!

9. Send the funds in – let us know how much you have raised and send the money in so it can start making a difference! Thank you!

Please get in touch once you have completed you event and collected in all the money, telling us:

  • Your name
  • The event name, description and date
  • The total you have raised
  • How you have sent us the money (including how much was raised online and how much you have sent as a cheque if split)
  • The details, including full name and full address, of any sponsors eligible for Gift Aid.

You can also include any photographs/quotes etc. from the event that we are able to use.

Sending the money:
A. If you have set up an online fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving and linked it to us, the money will come straight to us, so you don’t need to worry about sending it in!
B. If you have received money in cash or by cheque, please calculate the total amount and send it to us via cheque made payable to: Shoreditch Trust. 
Address: Shoreditch Trust, 12 Orsman Road, London N1 5QJ.
Remember: NEVER send cash in the post.

Make sure you have thanked all your supporters and told them how much you managed to raise! All of this should be completed within 6 weeks of the event. Remember: it is advisable to collect sponsorship money as soon as possible so people do not forget.

Once we have received your fundraising money, we will send you a confirmation and Thank You!

Shoreditch Trust cannot be held responsible for external events. If you are organising an activity, please consider and plan for all possible risks. You can use the risk assessment template below to help you with this. Please also read our Terms and Conditions carefully, as they outline many important things to consider when planning and executing your event.

Fundraising Terms and Conditions
Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Shoreditch Trust. We are very grateful that you have chosen to raise funds to contribute to our work and would like to support you as much as possible. We have put together this Fundraising Pack with ideas, tips and information to help with your event, as well as a list of T&Cs to ensure your fundraiser goes smoothly. Please read the below thoroughly as it outlines the Terms and Conditions of fundraising for us, which you are required to agree to and comply with.

In these Terms and Conditions, ‘activity’ and ‘event’ shall refer to all kinds of fundraising events and activities.

You will only use lawful means to fundraise for Shoreditch Trust. You agree not to do anything that might damage the name or reputation of Shoreditch Trust, and understand that you may be asked to stop fundraising with immediate effect if you are found to do so.

As an independent supporter of Shoreditch Trust, you will only claim to raise funds ‘in aid of’ Shoreditch Trust (never ‘on behalf of’). You will not claim to be a representative of Shoreditch Trust, or lead people to believe that the event is being organised by Shoreditch Trust.

You must comply with all instructions from Shoreditch Trust concerning your fundraising event. Except where you have been provided with branded materials, including but not limited to sponsorship forms, posters, and leaflets, you agree to only use the Shoreditch Trust name and logo with our written permission and approval of use. We will require examples of how you intend to use our name and logo, and provide instructions to ensure it is in keeping with our brand guidelines. You must not use any Shoreditch Trust materials for any other activities without first gaining written approval. To gain permission of use, please email your suggested usage to

You will encourage donors and/or sponsors to make Gift Aid declarations where eligible. Gift Aid is a government scheme which allows us to claim back some of the tax paid by donors when they donate, to the value of 25p for every £1 (increasing the value of donations at no extra cost to the donor).

You can also check whether your employer operates a Matched Giving scheme, in which case they may be able to double your fundraising total.

You agree to provide Shoreditch Trust with contact details that can be used to discuss your fundraising activity and progress.

You must read and comply with all terms and conditions issued by event organisers, including criteria, guidelines, rules and restrictions.

Unless the activity has been organised by Shoreditch Trust, if a claim is made against Shoreditch Trust in relation to the activity or as a result of you breaching these Terms and Conditions, you agree to reimburse Shoreditch Trust for any amount that Shoreditch Trust pays as a result of that claim.

You must display the registered charity number (1086812) when fundraising.

Safety and Insurance
Your safety is of utmost importance. Please follow all safety instructions, recommendations and training procedures when taking part in activities.

You agree that all risks associated with your fundraising activity are your responsibility, including liability for any injury, loss or damage which may affect you, or anyone associated with the event.

You will take all reasonable precautions to safeguard the health and safety of all those associated with your event in any way. This may include carrying out a health & safety risk assessment, providing all necessary safety equipment, fully briefing all participants and providing sufficient supervision.

You accept that Shoreditch Trust’s insurance policy will not cover your fundraising events, and agree to obtain appropriate insurance for the activity and all those involved in it, including but not limited to helpers, participants and spectators. You are not legally required to have public liability insurance, but as the event organiser you are liable for any incidents that occur at your event. Check whether your event is covered by your venue’s public liability insurance, and complete a thorough risk assessment of the event. You can use this template to help you. This will highlight potential hazards and indicate whether it is necessary to seek further advice regarding public liability insurance. If you opt not to get the insurance, a written risk assessment is useful to have in the event of an accident at your event.

Shoreditch Trust, its employees, agents and volunteers accept no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss, damage or personal injury which may be sustained in the course of the event, other than personal injury (including death) caused by our negligence. Liability cannot be accepted for any damage, injury or loss arising from the negligence of participants.
You must confirm that you / all participants at your event are medically fit to participate, consulting a doctor if necessary. Participants take part in events at their own risk, and must inform event organisers of any relevant existing medical conditions. If you become aware of any such medical condition or impairment you must withdraw from the activity.

Legal and Obligation
You must comply with all relevant laws and regulations of any country that your activity is to take place or be promoted in. This includes obtaining all applicable licences, consents, and permissions, which may include (but are not limited to): a licence from the local authority to collect funds in public; a licence to hold a raffle or lottery; a licence for the sale of alcohol.

If you are collecting personal information from donors, you must follow the Data Protection Act 1998 guidelines.

You agree to return all sponsorship forms to Shoreditch Trust within 6 weeks of the event, where applicable, and to send all money raised to Shoreditch Trust within 6 weeks of the event. Note that any money collected in aid of Shoreditch Trust will be held by you on trust, and neglecting to pay it to Shoreditch Trust is theft. You must inform potential donors if any portion of the money you raise will not be paid to the charity.

Should you not take part in the event for any reason, sponsorship money you have collected in advance must be returned to your sponsors, and Shoreditch Trust must be notified.

In activities organised by Shoreditch Trust, registration fees may vary and will be non-refundable. Participants will be required to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship for Shoreditch Trust, as stated in the event description.

For activities arranged by yourself or by a third party, you will be responsible for all related costs, taxes and expenses.

Please do not take any costs or expenses relating to your activity out of funds raised without first agreeing this in writing with Shoreditch Trust and clearly informing sponsors and donors BEFORE they donate/sponsor etc.

Some activities specify minimum age requirements, which you must make yourself aware of. All participants under the age of 18 will require written consent from a parent or guardian, who must determine whether the activity is appropriate for their child, seeking further information if necessary.

We reserve the right to prohibit individuals from taking part, and will do so if consent from a parent or guardian is not presented to us.

If you are under 18, you confirm that your parent or guardian has read, and agreed their responsibility for complying with, these Terms and Conditions.

Children cannot collect money, including sponsorship money, in public places without being accompanied by an adult.

Photography and Promotion
If you are attending an event or activity organised by Shoreditch Trust, please be aware that photographs may be taken which can be used to promote and showcase the work of Shoreditch Trust, and to showcase fundraising opportunities. You can opt-out of photographs of you being used publically by contacting a member of staff in advance or on the day.

If you are organising your own activity, we would be very grateful for any images, video, audio or quotes taken at your event or occasions relating to the event, for us to use (free of charge) for commercial and/or fundraising purposes. By sending us these resources, you confirm that anyone featuring prominently in the image or video is aged 16 or over, and that they have consented to their image being used in this way (or that a parent/guardian has consented to their image being used in this way). You can see our photo release form here to give you an example of the information included – PLEASE NOTE: you CANNOT use this form at your event as you are not authorised to act on behalf of Shoreditch Trust and it therefore will not cover you legally.

Queries? Please contact us at if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance.

Join our Shoreditch Trust Community for your fundraiser!

Let us know about your event and we can offer our support to you and your team. If required, we can provide official fundraising materials, including a letter of acknowledgement, a Gift Aid declaration form, official sponsorship forms, information leaflets and/or promotional items.

Email us the information below and we can add you to our community of fundraisers. (All information is mandatory).

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Event name:
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Description of event:
Event organiser:
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