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Learning for Life


“We found the whole experience fantastic and the children really benefited from it.”

- De Lucy Primary School, Greenwich

“The workshops were fantastic. The children absolutely enjoyed themselves and were engaged throughout. Their level of concentration through the week was amazing. The activities were explained thoroughly and demonstrated so the children were clear on what to do and remained on task throughout. They produced great work in their sketchbooks and continue to work in them. Each activity was different and tied in well to what the project focus was. Resources were provided generously which allowed the children to experiment with their ideas. They learnt many new skills and extended their art related vocabulary, which they used confidently when in discussion.”

- William Davies Primary School

“First of all a huge thank you for involving Seven Mills Primary School. We are passionate about the arts here and it is a pleasure to work with a group of like minded people, enabling children to access, experience and enjoy the arts.
The children loved making their shoe box parks with their own designs inside. Taking something home is very important to them and I believe, equally important in opening dialogue between parent and child; extending the learning beyond the classroom.
The View Tube visit was excellent. It was an exciting way to introduce the project and an opportunity to take children off the ‘island’. Many do not have the opportunity.
The project linked very well with curriculum based project work and the children enjoyed themselves.”

- Kelly Hudson, Seven Mills Primary School