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BMT: Health and Wellbeing

Blue Marble Training offers trainees access to health and wellbeing support with a view to improving mental health, physical fitness, concentration and energy levels, and encouraging better lifestyle choices.

Trainees often have chaotic lives which impacts on their ability to engage with training in the kitchen.

BMT works closely with Shoreditch Trust Health and Wellbeing programmes to offer a complete support package to trainees to aid their personal development. Trainees can access a Health Coach to work towards their goals and make small but significant lifestyle changes; a Stop Smoking advisor to help them during a quit attempt; healthy eating tips from our Food for Life team and support with their mental and emotional wellbeing from our Peace of Mind team. 

Blue Marble also has a fitness training programme, provided in an environment where trust is already established, ensuring young people have good role models and mentors around them. Sessions run at the end of a restaurant shift, with a healthy meal provided post-workout.

“As someone with low self-esteem and depression, exercise is vital for me. BMT fitness training not only allows me to push myself physically but it also allows me to be mentally ready for anything the kitchen can throw at me. As a result, my confidence is increasing and I'm much healthier.”  James Baxter, 2016