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Privacy Policy

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Shoreditch Trust respects your privacy. Visitors to our website are not asked for any personal information and we use Google Analytics tracking cookies to collect anonymous traffic data about your use of this website. 

This information is stored by Google and subject to their privacy policy, which can be viewed here:

There are no other cookies being used on this website.

The statistical and analytical information provides general and not individually specific information about the number of people who visit this website; the number of people who return to this site; the pages that they visit; where they were before they came to this site and the page in the site at which they exited.

This information helps us monitor traffic on our website so that we can manage the site’s capacity and efficiency. It also helps us to understand which parts of this site are most popular and generally to assess user behavior and characteristics in order to measure interest in and use of the various areas of the site. For more information see:


Privacy for People Using Shoreditch Trust Services

We observe strict rules and regulations about handling people's data. You can find out more about this by downloading the Shoreditch Trust Transparency Notice.

We also offer a summary version of the transparency notice, which simplifies this information