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Civic Hub

Jenny Lewis - Permanent Exhibitions at the Civic Hub

Selected photographs from One Hundred Years and One Day Young by Jenny Lewis are permanently exhibited as our Pitfield Street Civic Hub. This exhibition celebrates the diversity of our communities in Hackney, welcoming people back into community spaces.

One Day Young is a series of 150 portraits of Hackney women with their newborn child. Made over five years, Jenny photographed the women in their own homes within 24 hours of their baby's birth. Challenging the often sterile hospital imagery of this moment, these portraits present woman and child with triumphal strength and autonomy. They are glimpses into the beating heart of family life, celebrating the intimacy, joy and resilience of new motherhood. 


One Hundred Years is an intimate collection of portraits and stories of Hackney residents at every age from birth to 100. The collection reflects and celebrates the many nationalities, identities, genders, ages and perspectives that make up this diverse pocket of London. 


These exhibitions were generously supported by Hello Again Hackney. 


Jenny Lewis grew up in Essex. After completing a degree in Fine Art, she moved to Hackney, where she has lived for 26 years. Much of her work centres on her experience of living and working in East London, motivated by an interest in people and their individual narratives. 

To find out more about Jenny Lewis's work, please head to her website: Jenny Lewis - Portrait Photographer London