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Our History

Shoreditch Star

Shoreditch Star is a publication that was produced by Shoreditch Trust 2007-2012 as part of their engagement strategy, working with schools across east London.

Each issue was themed by a topic, which was then explored through reportage, workshops, visits, creative writing, art and design. The contents of each issue were developed with hundreds of school children in primary schools.

Shoreditch Star workshops gave children access to a learning community far wider than their own school. A key feature of the programme included meeting professionals and specialists in industry.

The last published edition of Shoreditch Star was commissioned by the ODA and the Contemporary Art Society. Shoreditch Trust, in partnership with the University of the Arts London, led workshops with five primary schools in the London 2012 Host Boroughs.

ODA Chairman John Armitt said: “This project was a great way to engage children in the artwork projects in the Olympic Park and get a unique insight into their thoughts on the 2012 Games and the importance of public art. The schoolchildren have produced a fantastic publication which perfectly captures the energy, colour and excitement of the Olympic Park. Their work will provide a huge inspiration to everyone involved in the project and I’m sure this publication will become a collector’s item in years to come.”

Previous issues include:
Great History explored 2000 years of Shoreditch history.

Space explored architectural/environmental ‘spaces we live in’.
Telling Stories developed play‐scripts, photo‐stories and portraits, biography and autobiography, myths and legends.
Environment explored contemporary issues and experiences of the world and communities we live in, focusing especially on climate change.
Art and Design Special Edition brought a range of visual artists into schools to explore cultural history, practice, exhibitions and art in public spaces through partnerships with galleries, museums and the University of the Arts.
Olympics & Paralympics used the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Games to inspire children to investigate Olympian history.