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Spreading the Word about Health Coaching!

15 September 2023
The 18th to 22nd September is National Health Coach Awareness Week. Across the country there is a spotlight on the coaching role, which is dedicated to helping people have more choice and control over their health and really making a difference to people’s quality of life. Read More »

Our Stories: How people in North East London have been helped by Health & Wellbeing Coaching

31 March 2023
North East London Health & Care Partnership have coordinated a series of stories, to showcase how health and wellbeing coaching is making a big difference to people's lives. Read More »

Community Connections - Service provision

31 October 2022
Our Community Connections service provision came to an end on the 31st October 2022. Shoreditch Trust supported people to both prevent and manage long-term physical and mental ill health. This included support for those who... Read More »

How Health and Wellbeing Coaches are transforming patients' lives

27 September 2022
Research published on the 26th September 2022 by King's Business School, King’s College London, shows how Health and Wellbeing Coaches (HWbCs) are inspiring lifestyle changes in patients and having a positive impact in general practice in north east London. Read More »

Five Top Tips for Parents

24 May 2020
Parenting in a pandemic isn't something any of us could have expected or prepared for. Women from the Bump Buddies project share their advice on parenting and coping in 2020. Read More »

5 ways to take care of yourself

04 May 2020
Shoreditch Trust originally produced this article for Hackney Life newspaper, to support people with limited or no internet access through the Coronavirus pandemic. Read More »