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Blue Marble and the London Impact Awards

Delight as young persons' training scheme is shortlisted for prestigious awards

13 December 2019

Shoreditch Trust is delighted to have been shortlisted in the London Community Foundation Impact Awards.

The Trust’s Blue Marble Training project has reached the final three in the ‘Best Collaborator’ category, for organisations who work together to support young people facing abuse, knife crime, violence, and other high risk situations.

Blue Marble Training provides chef training for young people in a live restaurant kitchen, Waterhouse.

The professional culinary training offers young people new skills and valuable career opportunities in a psychologically informed environment. 

The training is accompanied by a comprehensive programme of social support, collaborating with statutory and voluntary services and familial networks. The scheme also offers breakfasts and lunches for young chefs, exercise and wellbeing programmes and life skills.

Over 60% of young people who complete the programme go on to become professional chefs, with many leading restaurant kitchens across London. Others return to education or secure employment in other industries.

Chief Executive Jacqui Roberts said:

“We are delighted to have been shortlisted for this prestigious award, acknowledging the value of collaborative working. Young people affected by violence, crime and abuse can feel overwhelmed by the myriad of services they must negotiate. By working together we can return the focus to where it should be - the well-being of the young people.”

The results of the awards will be announced at a special event in February 2020.