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Our Stories: How people in North East London have been helped by Health & Wellbeing Coaching

North East London Health & Care Partnership have coordinated a series of stories, to showcase how health and wellbeing coaching is making a big difference to people's lives.

31 March 2023

North East London Health and Care Partnership have recently run a series called 'Our Stories'. These stories are highlighting how peoples lives have been transformed by personalised care services, such as health and wellbeing coaching.

Health and wellbeing coaches provide people who need support with issues such as Type 2 diabetes, weight management or poor mental health with the tools, motivation and confidence to take greater control of their lives.

Two of these stories follow clients of Shoreditch Trust, and how they have been helped by two of our Health and Wellbeing Coaches. 

Please read more about these stories below:

Motivation and ‘a bit of a push’ for Sonia - North East London Health & Care Partnership (

Francesca taught me to make changes for myself - John - North East London Health & Care Partnership (