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Elders' Feasts

Doreen Bullock, original Shoreditch Trust board member, was the driving force behind the Elders' Feasts initiative. Initially involving the Trust in her Christmas box appeal, Doreen’s idea gradually evolved to provide older members of the community with a place they could get together and have a good time over the festive season.

It began with a Christmas lunch, held in Shoreditch Trust’s social enterprise Waterhouse Restaurant, to offer an opportunity for local people to experience enhanced social contact and benefit from a professionally-prepared, traditional festive lunch, sourced from high quality ingredients.

Now, Shoreditch’s older residents enjoy a Christmas lunch, Summer BBQ and a High Tea. This programme has also paved the way for Waterhouse to welcome other community events, creating a familiar space for people to get together and socialise in.

This community-led initiative is a great example of the ways the Trust tries to cater to the needs of the local community.

These events have often been sponsored and facilitated by corporate partners, who can make a donation to help to fund the event, and volunteer to come and serve the lunches.

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Sponsor and volunteer:
If you would like to sponsor and volunteer at a community event, please contact us:
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If you or someone you know would like to attend an Elders' Feast, please contact us:
020 7033 8500