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Baby Buddies

Baby Buddies is an ongoing weekly drop-in group, providing a relaxed and supportive space for clients to consider how they can support their mental health, using the framework of 5 Ways to Wellbeing. This friendly group allows members to support themselves and each other by listening to each other, sharing experiences and joining in relaxation techniques.

Each week we talk about different areas, such as:
Mums and babies needs

Sharing tips and experiences

• Relaxing techniques

Taking care of your baby and yourself


Our groups:

Wednesdays 11am–2.30pm

Come along and meet up in person (babies and young children welcome)

Healthy Living Centre, 170 Pitfield Street, N1 6JH

Or join by Zoom contact us for invite links 


Thursdays 1–2pm

We run a Zoom-only group on Thursdays, contact us for invite links


For more information on our Women & Children programme contact:

Jane Lavelle:

020 7033 8524