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Women and Children

We work closely with women around their priorities in pregnancy and motherhood, we support engagement with local services, access to resources, including our team of volunteer befrienders and mentors, and development of new knowledge and skills to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of women and their children.

Shoreditch Trust works with socially isolated women during pregnancy and early parenthood who may be coping with a range of issues, such as poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, insecure immigration status, trauma, poor mental and/or physical health and FGM. 

Working closely with women around their priorities, we support engagement with local services, and development of new knowledge and skills to improve their and their children’s lives. 

Bump Buddies

Bump Buddies Mentors offers support from trained peer mentors who can give you reassurance, time to ask questions, and chance to meet women who understand how you are feeling. Our Mentors are all Hackney mums who know the local area. They can meet up with you in the local community or over the phone.

Baby Buddies 

Baby Buddies is an ongoing weekly drop-in group, providing a relaxed and supportive space for clients to consider how they can support their mental health, using the framework of 5 Ways to Wellbeing. This friendly supportive group allows members to support themselves and each other by listening to each other, sharing experiences and joining in relaxation techniques. Each week we talk about areas, such as mums and babies needs, sharing tips and experiences, relaxing techniques and taking care of your baby and yourself.

Become a Mentor

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Women and Children Bump Buddies holds the NCVO Mentoring and Befriending’s Approved Provider Standard.


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Bump Buddies gratefully acknowledges support from Macquarie Group.

Meet the team
Jane  Lavelle
Jane Lavelle
Project Manager, Women and Children¦ Safeguarding Lead