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Stroke Project

We provide person-centred, long-term support services to those affected by stroke and their families. We also raise awareness of stroke and cardiovascular disease to help prevent strokes.

We are here to help anyone in Hackney who has had a stroke to improve their physical, social and emotional wellbeing and get back to a fulfilling life. We offer lots of different useful services, get in touch and we will help you find the right ones for you. We also provide support to carers of stroke survivors to promote their wellbeing and their caring role. 

One-to-One Support 

Our team will contact you to discuss your needs: 

  • Providing information and advice relevant to you 
  • Applying for welfare benefits, transport, grants, etc. 
  • Help in accessing activities and services. 

Support Groups 

We recognise that stroke affects people in different ways and therefore we have set up different groups tailored to accommodate people with different needs: 

  • High Care: for people with care and support needs. The group meets weekly in N1, contact Maria for more details - / 07484 507151
  • Self-Help Group: to promote independent living and healthy lifestyles. The group meets weekly in N1, contact Maria for more details - / 07484 507151
  • Younger Stroke Survivors Network: for stroke survivors of working age – to build up confidence in participating in community life, developing planning and organising skills and linking to further education, volunteering or return to work. The group meets weekly in N1, contact Jo for more details - / 07584 597885
  • Communications Group: for those with communication difficulties aiming to build up their confidence by practicing communication strategies in the community. The group meets weekly in N16, contact Seth for more details - / 074436 63189
  • Volunteering Opportunities: we have opportunities available - please see our Volunteering page. We particularly encourage and support clients to consider volunteering as a peer supporter.  
  • Awareness Sessions and information on Blood Pressure Checks: contact us for details.  

Advice & Assistance

If you are in need of support with completing forms or applications, contact us to book an Advice & Assistance slot. 

Call ahead to leave your details for the Stroke Project team to get in touch and book a time to meet with you at our Pitfield Street Civic Hub - 02070338500 or  

We run our session every Tuesday morning from 10.00am.  

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Meet the team
Jo  Evans
Jo Evans
Community Coordinator
Laura Prikken
Laura Prikken
Programme Manager - Health and Wellbeing and Long Term Conditions¦ Safeguarding Lead
Maria Dragan
Maria Dragan
Community Coordinator
Seth Hindley
Seth Hindley
Community Coordinator