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Blue Marble Training

Blue Marble Training is a programme for 16 to 25 year olds who are experiencing challenging circumstances in their lives.

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The unique setup of our training kitchen in Waterhouse Restaurant allows trainees to learn and develop real expertise at their own pace, while being fully supported by a specialist team of facilitators. The programme enables participants to develop skills that can lead to rewarding careers, while encouraging and facilitating personal development.

Blue Marble welcomes young people who are not in employment, education or training, who might have had negative experiences of learning or training or who are struggling to find the right support. Our person-focused training scheme is tailored to the demands of each individual, providing them with the skills they need to progress into paid employment.

This person-focused support, provided throughout the duration of the training and for as long as it is needed afterwards, is key to the success of this programme, offering the scaffolding needed for vulnerable young people to turn their lives around and embark onto a positive path.

“The great thing about your programme is the hands on approach from the get go which is well suited to our clients who have tried mainstream college and education and did not excel. The programme is great at keeping the young person engaged.” Hezz Sooklal, St Giles' Trust

Click here to see an evaluation of the programme by the Centre for Social Justice and Change, School of Social Sciences, University of East London.

Blue Marble Training is partly funded by City Bridge Trust and Talent Match. 

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The programme supports trainees to develop a routine, and to build connections within a team. Knowing that they are being relied on and trusted everyday builds confidence, which leads to a more positive outlook.

This increased self-esteem allows individuals to learn how to express themselves more effectively, which can help them to deal with pressure so it does not build up. The pastoral support that is constantly available to trainees offers the opportunity to talk through stressful situations, so that they can be overcome appropriately.

Moreover, the programme encourages trainees to learn more about themselves and what they enjoy, whilst the setting of the training kitchen challenges them to develop leadership qualities that can be applied at work and in the community.

“BMT has helped me unlock my potential in areas I never knew I had it.” Trainee, 2015

Blue Marble Training also promotes improving and maintaining the physical wellbeing of trainees. Whilst the routine of coming into work every day encourages a more regular eating pattern, the introduction to new foods and recipes affects eating habits, encouraging healthier, more balanced choices.

Furthermore, the programme offers a fitness training programme for trainees, to facilitate physical exercise and improve trainees’ health - in mind and body. You can read more about this initiative on the ‘BMT: Health and Wellbeing’ page.

“I feel as though the BMT fitness training has helped me get more fit since I have started and feel more energised physically and mentally. I wasn't able to sleep at night-times before but since I've started the training it's helped me get to sleep earlier and feel better throughout my day to day life. I feel less fatigued and stronger when I'm at work and also when I do everyday activities. It has helped me to also think more positively.” Halimcan Ozcomert, 2016

Blue Marble Training produces a welcoming team, who build strong bonds as they spend time working in a fast-paced, sometimes high-pressure environment together. The team forms a tight, caring unit, offering a sense of belonging and mutual respect to trainees.

The pastoral support provided by the programme facilitators ensures that no one is left to struggle through tricky situations on their own. Blue Marble Training seeks to support and nurture participants and alumni, and provide them with the support network, skills and knowledge they need to become independent.

Shoreditch Trust’s vast range of other programmes also offers the opportunity to become involved in other activities to extend personal and community development, for example through our partnership with British Council’s Active Citizens programme.

“Speaking to trainees on a regular basis I know that the support and mentoring that you provide to them on a one to one basis is instrumental in the progress they make, and without exception they always speak so highly of you.” Stephen Bullock, Metropolitan Police Constable

Trainees become part of a tight cheffing team in an operational kitchen, experiencing teamwork and learning skills that will enable them to find jobs in the industry when they are ready.

Additional training and personal development opportunities, such as the City and Guilds Level 2 in Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering qualification; fieldtrips; and stage placements offer trainees the opportunity to learn new skills, discover their personal preferences and gain real experience in the kitchen, both cheffing and training others.

Blue Marble Training is well-connected, and has links to and contacts in kitchens all over London, giving trainees good prospects to earn a career in the industry afterwards, if that is what they are looking for. Events facilitated by Blue Marble offer trainees the opportunity to gain paid work when they are ready to move on from the training scheme.

“I never felt like I could fail, I always felt like I was learning. I think they understand and support you in a way that is different to most places. They correct and compliment and that’s the way to be taught.” Trainee, 2015

Blue Marble Training offers young people in negative situations the opportunity to turn things around for themselves and embark on a positive path. It offers structure to their lives, enabling them to spend time constructively, and the chance to open their minds and embrace new experiences.

BMT helps trainees to improve and develop their social skills, putting them in situations where they interact with people they would not otherwise have come into contact with, in an environment where strong communication is crucial.

The chance to create something that is relished and appreciated by someone else provides an unparalleled sense of achievement and accomplishment for trainees. Often, other forms of training, apprenticeships and education are out of their reach at the point that they join us. Being able to offer the individualised support that is needed to guide participants forward is central to what makes Blue Marble Training unique.

“Being on this course has also helped me improve my social skills as I’m now able to interact with a range of different people coming from different backgrounds. I did not know I could get up on time every day at the same time, it has made my time keeping skills so much better.” Trainee, 2015

Meet the team
Amrit  Bhachu
Amrit Bhachu
Head Chef ¦ Lead Facilitator for Blue Marble Training
Doreen Balogun
Doreen Balogun
Chef de Partie and BMT Training Facilitator
Femi Ade-Davis
Femi Ade-Davis
Blue Marble Training Project Manager
Martin Remias
Martin Remias
Kitchen Porter and BMT Support
Sec Khuang San
Sec Khuang San
Sous Chef and Deputy BMT Facilitator
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