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Bump Buddies

Bump Buddies brings together pregnant women in Hackney and experienced local mums, for support and sharing through times of change.

Two women share their Bump Buddies story.

Bump Buddies is a free service for women in Hackney who are pregnant, or who have recently given birth.

Many women feel anxious or worried about aspects of pregnancy. Bump Buddies offers support from expert staff and highly trained peer mentors to give you reassurance, time to ask questions, and chance to meet women who understand how you are feeling.

Our team are all Hackney mums who know the local area. They can visit you at home or at a local park, cafe or centre.

Bump Buddies can offer you:

  • peer support through your pregnancy,
  • information to help plan your pregnancy and labour,
  • support at antenatal appointments,
  • breastfeeding support,
  • help to access low cost and free baby equipment and clothing,
  • details of local children’s groups,
  • opportunities to influence services in Hackney by getting involved in focus groups and committees.

We offer extra support for women who are parenting alone, women struggling with homelessness or accommodation problems, women who have health problems (e.g. HIV, depression), and women facing immigration issues or who are new to the UK.

"The mentor was like a bridge to the hospital, she helped me prepare for labour by writing a birth plan and attending appointments. I had help filling forms and visiting the housing office. I feel more confident now. I'd like to be a Bump Buddy to help another mum to be." Former Bump Buddies user 

Request a Bump Buddy

To request a Bump Buddy: Complete the self referral form 

Please email your completed form to You can also call us on: 020 7033 8524

You can also drop into our weekly group, Baby Buddies for a chat and more information.

If you are a GP, health worker, social worker or support worker or other care professional please read our referral guidance before completing the Bump Buddies Professional Referral Form.

Referral forms should be returned to:

Become a Bump Buddies Mentor

“The training was brilliant, I loved it. It even helped with things going on in my own life. It taught me things I had never considered when I had my own children. I wanted to do it again and again and again.” Bump Buddies Mentor, 2014

Mentoring can be a fantastic experience for both sides of the partnership. You don’t need to be an expert, we’ll provide all the training you need. We’re just looking for women who are open minded, friendly, enthusiastic and willing to offer confidential support in a non-judgmental way.

We welcome volunteers from any background, and we especially welcome women who speak more than one language.

We recruit Bump Buddies peer mentors twice a year, but you can apply at any time and we will contact you when the next training sessions are scheduled. Visit the volunteering page to find out more

Bump Buddies gratefully acknowledges support from Macquarie Group.
Meet the team
Jane  Lavelle
Jane Lavelle
Maternity Peer Education Manager ¦ Organisational Safeguarding Lead
Shahanaz Begum
Shahanaz Begum
Bump Buddies Community Coordinator
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