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Why Community Table?

Learn about the rationale behind our Community Table programme

Community Tablegroup sessions are dedicated to affordable, speedy, hands-on healthy eating and cooking activities. The sessions give people a fun, informal, straightforward way to achieve a healthy diet. We focus on the joy in making something from scratch, preparing and sharing food with others, discovering new and interesting flavours and gaining confidence in the kitchen. 


What makesCommunity Table special? 

All of our recipes are easy to understand and use affordable, accessible ingredients. 

We encourage a balanced diet, which means variety - and the occasional treat too! 

Favouring flavour, we use plenty of fresh ingredients, whole grains, herbs and spices. 

We prepare things from scratch whenever possible. 

We adapt trusty favourite recipes to make them healthier, without compromising on taste, and prepare from scratch as much as possible.  


Our partners 

We are proud to work with organisations across Hackney, including: 

City & Hackney Mind 

Stormont House School 

St Monica’s Primary School 

Thomas Fairchild Children’s Centre and Primary School 

Shoreditch Park Primary School 

Oldhill Community School 

Benthal Primary School 


Southern Housing Group 

Young Hackney 

East London Foundation Trust 

Haggerston School 

Young Hackney

Deaf Plus

Chance UK

Well Street GP Surgery

Anchor Hanover Housing

East London Foundation Trust