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A programme of practical, enjoyable and welcoming activities. Build knowledge, skills and confidence, make connections and take charge of your recovery.

The Community Activities programme provides practical, enjoyable and welcoming activities that build knowledge, skills and confidence to help you take charge of your recovery and (re)connect with local activities to support your health and wellbeing. 

The programme supports people who are:

  • Aged 18+ 
  • Registered with a GP in City & Hackney 
  • Living with a Long COVID diagnosis and ready to move into low intensity community-based activity 

Cook and Eat  

Prepare and eat a meal together, join discussions and activities on nutrition and cooking topics. Explore balanced diet and links between mood and food using interactive activities and tools.  

Calm and Connect 

Build confidence to notice early signs of stress, explore how values can help to take actions that matter to you in the face of health challenges. Develop a toolbox of strategies to respond, including mindfulness practice, relaxation techniques and 5 ways to wellbeing.  

Walking for Wellbeing 

A low intensity walk for a gentle (re) introduction to exercise and community spaces.  



For more information and to register interest please read our leaflet

Read more about who the programme is suitable please click here.

If you still have COVID 19 symptoms weeks or months after having the illness, it could be Long COVID. Find out more about Long COVID services in City & Hackney here: 

Funders & Supporters

 CORE NHS Homerton






Meet the team
Jacqui  Henry
Jacqui Henry
Director of Wellbeing Practice & Partnership
Jane Hunter
Jane Hunter
Community Coordinator